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Fonder or Further

Does Absence make the heart grow Fonder or Further?

I'm not exactly sure where I heard the quote absence makes the heart grow fonder, but I must admit; I am starting to wonder if it’s only a half truth. Like everyone else in the country, I have been participating in social distancing during this unprecedented pandemic. My time online has skyrocketed, while my ability to physically see my friends and family has diminished. I have seen babies born, celebrated graduates, attended virtual cocktail hours, and even participated in mourning the loss of loved ones...all from the comfort of my living room. It is extremely fascinating that some relationships have blossomed during this time while others seem to have deteriorated. Immediately, when I realized I would be spending a lot more time online, I thought that this would be an amazing opportunity to collaborate virtually with artists from throughout the US. I reached out to friends from all over the country to collaborate on a few music projects. It was to my surprise that the people I expected to be all in because of our relationship were not the ones who ended up contributing most to these projects. It was as if social distancing had reshuffled my relationships like a deck of cards. One particular experience that really stands out stemmed from a text message I received from a young multi-talented artist. This artist and I had worked together before on a project or two, but I wouldn’t consider us to be close. I definitely had the utmost respect for his talent, but for some reason I didn't think to reach out to him regarding this particular project. When we talked on the phone it was more than clear that this person was the perfect fit from not just an artist standpoint but also the many things we shared in common. The chemistry, mutual respect, and willingness to create great art was all there. I also saw a father, and a spiritual man with a deep desire and commitment to family as well as generosity and integrity. How could I have worked closely with this person previously, and not see the similarities between us? I am not sure if I have the answer to this question. I’m not sure I understand why I couldn't connect with some of the people I was hoping to collaborate with in this season. All I know is that in this case, a little distance was all I needed to see the wonderful, talented human being that was right in front of me. All I know is that a little distance was needed to invite opportunity closer.

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