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" I Have More Me"

When this pandemic hit in March I thought I was about to lose my mind. And almost did. The only reason it didn’t go that way for me is because I was intercepted on the path to my own self-induced demise. But not only am I still here and thriving as far as my businesses are concerned, now, I have more joy.  Oh God yes!  But even deeper than joy, not only do I have more joy, I have more Me.  I am more myself than I ever thought I could be.  I’m more present.  I talk and introduce myself and engage with people sincerely.  And it’s because I am truly interested to discover not our differences or distinctions, but what it is that we are made of that’s the same.   So, on this side of deliverance, I find gems everyday, in every experience.  What’s so cool now is, I have this part-time food delivery job with WAITR where I get to walk in and out of restaurants and residences and workplaces, picking up orders and making deliveries. So my whole day, I'm in and out of all kinds of different living, working and other social settings, that in my previous life would have meant nothing to me.  I wouldn’t have hated it and probably never even applied to do this. In fact, in my previous life, I was the gem.  But now, everywhere I go, everywhere I look, I find gems.  So, from a value and life perspective, by giving myself away I end up with more than I had before. Anyone who would dare to apply the five principles of deliverance I discuss in this book will get more out of life than they ever anticipated.  If you were anything like I was you are an island, a one-man show, good all by yourself.  But the practices outlined here  will help you realize that you can’t move the way I want to move in isolation. You’re not wired for it.  Someone who follows this path will soon realize that none of us were not meant to live separately from everyone else.  We are all connected,  inherently and eternally.   Now I wouldn’t just say that you’ll have more joy, although truer words couldn’t be spoken.  You’ll have something even deeper than joy.  I have more of You.  Do you know what I mean?  There will be more of you in everything.  You’ll be more present.  You’ll care about and engage with people with a true interest to discover what it is we are made of that is the same.  And then everywhere you look, in every day you live and in every experience, you’ll see gems. --Excerpt from Deliver Yourself From Evil by Chauncey McGlathery,  available January 2021.


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