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Intimacy vs. Proximity

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

This thing COVID-19 really has affected my life in many ways, especially in the relationship category. Let me explain...

During this quarantine, life has changed so much. Some good, some bad, and the rest is still left up for debate. To tell the truth, it was a challenge for this new relationship I was in with a girl named Taylor. It ruined so many plans and made seeing each other nearly impossible. I live in Boston and she lives in Kentucky (not far at all, right?)

She planned to come here numerous times, but with the hotels being closed, it messed up those plans. I also planned to go visit her in Kentucky but the changes in flights and quarantine policies made it nearly impossible to plan a causal rendezvous. It was like trying to put a puzzle together with missing pieces. We used FaceTime A LOT, and tried to do things like Netflix dates, acting silly, staying on the phone while we both went to sleep; anything we could think of to try and maintain this new relationship in our new norm. It changed a lot of things because we were planing to see each other at least monthly since this relationship was long-distance. This brings me to today's topic on the blog; Taylor and I have learned that physical distance doesn't always correlate to intimacy or the lack thereof. Although Taylor and I haven't been able to see each other, we have been able to feel connected and find joy in our new relationship. I wonder who else has been able find intimacy from a distance?

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