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Positive Energy... A Strong Medicine

We have all heard over and over that this time we are living in is unprecedented. We have all suffered during this time. Some financially, some emotionally, some with addiction and shelter some physically and mentally. Fear has driven so many of our lives over the last six months. We have had to hang on to the safety of home, if we are lucky enough to have a “safe home,” and rely on various avenues of information while secluded from the world. We are human, therefore of course this is hard, but we are American, and we are resilient. Our relationships and day to day lives have been affected by this and it will go down in history.

I think all of us can reflect on how social distancing and this pandemic has affected our lives. For me, I am an attorney. I am a litigation attorney. My passion in my work happens in a courtroom. Obviously, courts were closed for some time and a new world of navigating justice through phones and computer programs began. I’m not going to lie, it’s been weird, but at least I could still work.

Criminal law is my favorite area of law. I handle all types of criminal cases and have a strong passion to work with people struggling with addiction and the justice system. I have such strong desires to help people struggling with addiction and their families struggling with their loved one’s position. These clients need more from me in some ways than other clients do. That makes the social distancing and pandemic protocol so detrimental to our attorney client relationship. I had to adapt to more phone calls and being available at almost all times to maintain the contact and support. But this is so minimally detrimental to my world. This pandemic affects so many others on such a greater level.

Many people cannot work at all, causing not just a loss of income but the loss of health care, benefits, security and purpose. The losses are endless. In a world where the tragedy of a pandemic is not equally spread it’s hard to look at my struggles as real struggles. The world is suffering. Our country is suffering. The suffering is enhanced by this virus. This is the time when we should come together. Be kind. Be loving. Support others. Do what we can for one another. There is too much hate in the world. And with all this negativity we need the light.

I have maintained a gratitude practice throughout this pandemic. A practice where I write three things I am grateful for everyday. Could be as simple as my favorite pen or a good cup of coffee. Just finding gratitude in small things during hard times allows light to remain in our lives. Helping others brings that joy as well. If we all were a little bit kinder and little bit more accepting it may brighten one person’s day. So, I challenge you to be grateful for what you do have and spread joy in our communities. Positive energy is a strong medicine and our communities need it now more than ever.

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