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Self-Love in Isolation

There’s something about this quarantine. Something about the way it makes me think and the way it challenges my reactions. The past several months have encouraged me to

cultivate relationship with myself. To figure out what’s important to me, who’s important to

me, where I want to be in a year, what upsets me, and what puts me back together again.

I’ve learned to push myself through exhausting HIIT workouts and to encourage myself to

achieve more both professionally and academically. I zoned in on the music I had put off. I

found out that I enjoy leisurely mornings and showing up to work without shoes. I’ve appreciated my alone time and accepted that it’s okay to enjoy it.

I admit the idea of isolation is scary when you don’t know too much about yourself and the body you’ve occupied your whole life. But, this time spent learning about me has brought me over that hump. I don’t get annoyed with the little things. I’m a lot more focused on my health. I’ve also discovered organizing is a hobby.

Now that I’ve spent some time with myself, I’m loving and learning so many intricate details

about my family, my partner, and my friends. I take time to pay attention to little details and store them in my notes. I believe when it’s all over, I’ll come out a better person because I used the time to grow.

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